Finding My Inner Martha Stewart

4:23:21 Finding My Inner Martha Stewart 6*

Each year I take it upon myself to tackle at least one big project around our little homestead. Last year it was reorganizing and completely overhauling our garage, which took 10 whole weeks! But just like everyone else in the world, we tackled a ton of other home projects, too. Like selecting and planting bushes and plants in yard, and getting chickens, to name a couple. But, COVID was just a great excuse to be who I’ve always been and begin finding my inner Martha Stewart again…

As a young girl, my mom will tell you the story of me walking into the kitchen asking, “mom, guess what Martha taught me!”

She turned and looked at me, “Who is Martha, Jamie?”

“Martha Stewart,” I replied, baffled that she didn’t know who I was talking about.

Mom grinned and to this day she says I acted like she was a close friend. Well, I still feel that way, and mostly because I really, truly feel like we are kindred spirits, sharing many of the same thoughts, abilities, and more.

While Martha may have dozens of chickens, we are learning a lot about our gaggle of seven and have come to realize chicken poop is a very real problem. Before summer hits and the heat turns up I knew we needed to build gates to keep those feathery friends off the covered porch. I was so grateful that my friend Sue came over with all her amazing tools to help me build the first one. (Thank you Sue!)

With that template, I finished the other two the following day and even though our chickens can fly, they seem to be detoured from attempting porch visits. Plus, they have personality, just like me, and my first time using a saw and nail gun was a success!!

Not only that, but I decided to go after our porch table which needed a good sand down and staining.

Done and done!

Stay tuned for the next project which is slowly getting underway… I’m redecorating our guest room!


  1. Sue on April 28, 2021 at 3:40 am

    Thank you for our Martha time together Jamie! A highlight of my week 😊

    • Jamie Teasdale on April 28, 2021 at 10:21 am

      I love all of our craft, art, building, talking times together!

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