The Franz Bakery Innovator from 1970!

Wes Smith Franz Bread Innovator

In 1970, Wes Smith single-handedly brought computerized systems to Franz Bakery’s accounting department (receivable, payable, payroll, and route accounting). Who was Wes Smith? My Grampa! Can you believe that?

It took him 3 months to get all the manual accounting systems migrated over to the computer system, and he remembered staying late until 2am the night of the deadline so that when everyone came in the next morning they were setup and ready for the digital age.

How appropriate. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I guess they’re right. 😉 When I heard this story in 2017, I had never known I followed my grandfather’s modern-tech and organized footprints in so many ways. #lovemygrampa

Jamie Teasdale

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