5 Tips for Staying Motivated

Image courtesy of Pixabay and tpsdave
Image courtesy of Pixabay and tpsdave

Entrepreneurs have a demanding job. They are the brain behind the idea, the steam in the engine room and the one who has to wear every hat. When you launched your business, did you know it would at times, be an uphill battle?

Here are a few suggestions on staying motivated when you may just want to give up:

1. Remember why you decided to go into business. Maybe your hand was forced out of employment, maybe you wanted to spend more time at home with your family, or maybe you just decided you have what it takes to run your own firm. Keep your reasons in front of you. Post them on a bulletin board and nod your head when you doubt yourself.

2. Take breaks. Even if you have to schedule them, be sure you are refueling your energies by taking necessary breaks away from work. Maybe you schedule a mid-day walk, or you leave your office to grab a quick cup of coffee at your neighborhood barista. Whether it be a solo tee time, a round of golf with your buddies, or a happy hour with your girlfriends. Don’t let all work and no play be the cause of fatigue and frustration.

3. Mix up your work load. Repetitious projects can lead to boredom. Try arranging your projects so you are utilizing the refreshment of different activities throughout the week. One caution though, remember there is prep time and down time when transitioning between projects. Don’t lose your efficiency by switching your work load too often.

4. Create a comfortable work space. Inspiration and energy comes in many forms, but spending a lot of time at a desk/computer can be a motivation sapper. The best productivity happens when you are comfortable in your space. Integrate light, music, calming smells, desk positioning (by a window, facing open space, etc) and desk/chair height to ensure you are not straining your body while you work.

5. Set up a good life/working pattern. Your routine is an essential part of keeping your goals on target, keeping an efficient schedule and maintaining good life/work balance. Put gym and family time on the calendar if you have to or at the very least map out your daily schedule so you have a working plan in front of you. Write it down or print it out and keep it visible. When we are faced with our plan each day, it is hard to detour from it.

Over all we encourage you to stick to your resolve. You are successful in your efforts and your business has huge potential. Keep up the good work and do not get weary. Remember to reflect on the things you are thankful for and take one step at a time. We believe you are the reason our economy will be revived.

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