Taking Tax Time by the Horns

taking tax time by the horns

Every year tax time seems to creep up and get the best of me. So this year I thought starting early would be the ticket. It helped! I’m taking tax time by the horns and WINNING!

They say nothing is certain but death and taxes. That sure feels like the truth when each year we must struggle through the collection of information and documents, crunching of numbers, and figuring out those final dollar amounts to report.

A few years back I got smart and methodical about starting a new digital and physical file each year when the first tax document comes through my inbox or mailbox. Every time I get something my CPA will need, it goes straight in one of those locations and when January rolls around, all I have to do is review the CPA’s checklist, sort my documents, scan everything, and upload.

This year feels like a HUGE accomplishment getting them buttoned up and over to our tax lady so soon.

…AND with a baby on my hip.

Take that Uncle Sam.

Jamie Teasdale

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