Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy Part 3: LinkedIn

How to maximize LinkedIn company pages for your business

LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGES, business social media, social media management, social media strategy, linkedin for business, how to use linkedinLinkedIn is a social media networking site every business professional should be on. LinkedIn was created for and focuses on allowing professionals to interact with and expand their network based on “connections” – the LinkedIn equivalent of “friends” or “followers.” Some people know about LinkedIn and may even have a profile, but struggle to see the “point” of using the platform. Here are some LinkedIn features you should know about to leverage your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Profile basics: Users create a profile that is essentially an online resume of sorts. It outlines past and current employment, education, skills, expertise, awards, and other professional information. Sharing personal information such as age, marital status, and personal life details are minimized. This is an excellent way to showcase your professional capabilities. Accounts start free with all the basic features, but you can upgrade to get more robust abilities.
  2. Connections: LinkedIn has been built to be more selective about who it allows you to connect with. There are three levels of connections on LinkedIn. 1st connections are people you are immediately connected with. 2nd connections are people connected to your connections, but not you. 3rd connections are connected with your 2nd connections, but not you or your 1st connections. Although the strategy seems to be shifting somewhat, you can only request to connect with people inside these 3 tiers.
  3. Status updates: Like other social media networks, LinkedIn also allows users to post status updates to share information and interact with other users. Unlike other social networks, however, the information shared should be a reflection of your career and industry, not the latest viral YouTube video. This causes LinkedIn to be an excellent source for finding, relevant, high-quality information.
  4. Recommendations & Endorsements: One key difference between LinkedIn and other networks are recommendations and endorsements. Recommendations are just that: an online review of you and your services. Endorsements are a way for your connections to verify the skills and expertise you list on your profile. It’s a non-verbal validation that you are indeed good at what you say you are.
  5. Groups: LinkedIn groups are an excellent way for you to gain exposure on LinkedIn. Join groups that pertain to your industry and expertise and then join the conversation! Show people how you truly are an expert in your field and start dialoguing with other professionals in your industry… and start to expand your network.
  6. Job opportunities: LinkedIn has become useful in recruiting industries looking for potential job candidates. In many professional circles, a potential client or business partner will take a close look at your LinkedIn profile before doing business with you.

In addition to personal profiles, LinkedIn also offers Company Pages for businesses. Company pages are a really smart idea for businesses looking to grow beyond the solopreneur or small business stage.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Credibility: Establishing your business with a company page helps boost your company’s reputation as professional and legitimate.
  2. Findability: Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn profiles and company pages fully filled out with search-friendly keywords and phrases will boost your SEO ranking. Often, a Google search for a person or company will list their LinkedIn profile higher than their actual website.
  3. Product awareness: Company pages have a section specifically for your products and/or services. They include very robust features, like adding images, descriptions, URL’s, and videos for each product or service you list.

If creating a LinkedIn profile or company page is something you wnt to do, here are some great resources:

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  • Download our free Social Media Resource Guide and reference page 8 for more information about LinkedIn.

If you want help creating your LinkedIn profile or company page, or if you want training on how to utilize LinkedIn better, just contact us! We can facilitate one-on-one training, or could coordinate a group training for you and your network.

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