Keeping it Together: Task and Project Management Systems

As a small business owner, there always seems to be something next on your to-do list. Managing your tasks and projects effectively and efficiently is incredibly important to the success of any business. There are a multitude of task management strategies and software available to help you succeed. But, how do you know what is right for your business?

Image courtesy of Pixabay and stokpic

Image courtesy of Pixabay and stokpic

Using a custom-made spreadsheet may be the best strategy for your business. Maybe you have already been considering outsourcing your task management needs to online software or mobile applications. To help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of 5 viable online task management systems. Some are free while others are a bit pricey, but ultimately, all are great tools to keep your business on the right track:


Haled as a leader in the professional service industry, Mavenlink enables users to manage projects while also linking to a comprehensive commerce suite. As their website boasts it, “integrates with the way you work”, including Google, Microsoft Office, Sales Force, QuickBooks and others. You can even sync tasks on your Google Apps with the software. Their intuitive interface enables users to track time, task completion and manage team activities. Used by a diverse clientele, the software is still able to work for major corporations or small businesses. A free trial is available with subscriptions starting at $49/month per user.


This customer relationship and project management software is geared towards small businesses. It offers features that integrate Google Apps, Outlook and mobile capabilities. It takes CRM and task management to the next level, enabling users to easily sort contacts, keep track of leads, transactions and proposals. Basically it specializes in managing your small business’ relationships with current and potential customers. Insightly is built off of a premium model and typically runs $7-9/month per user.


Software that promotes “Easy Project Management” as their core mission, ProWorkFlow is built online allowing users to access information remotely. It drives efficiency by streamlining task and project management, prioritizing your small business’ time, budget and revenue. By reducing excessive project timelines and organizing staffing, this software is great for small businesses working on multiple projects with an extensive workforce. You can sync up with Quickbooks and create comprehensive reports. There is a 14-day free trial period with differing rates per user per month starting at $10p/m.

Easy Project:

The name say it all, Easy Project focuses on taking the unneeded stress out of project management and easing your task completion. The interface is incredibly straightforward and easy to learn, reducing unneeded headaches. It offers tracking software so you can see who is working on what along with what tasks have been accomplished. One screen is all you need to see an entire project’s progress, which is pretty cool! The transparent nature of the software also increases transparency and keeps employees accountable. Small businesses could definitely benefit from this software and it also is relatively affordable at $15/month per user.


This platform offers unique cross-boarder capabilities, no matter where you travel you can access your projects. There are no installations requirements and the cloud computing aspect offers a great backup system for your business. It clearly maps out the progress of your project for the project team and other stakeholders. You can even see the different changes made to the project overtime. Project Place is great for small businesses that travel frequently or have a spread out workforce. It is a subscription-based platform and prices very per number of users. There is a free trial available though!


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Whatever your task and project management needs are, we hope that this comparison guide assists you with your decision. Remember to always pick a system that aligns with your company’s current and future needs.

For a list of additional task management systems and benefits, check out They offer comprehensive comparisons of software and applications that empower you to choose the best resources for your small business. Again most of these systems offer free trials, why not try them out for a time and see what is best for your business! Let us know which platforms or applications you like best!

– Jamie

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