Why Pivoting is Still Important for Small Businesses


During the pandemic the word “pivot” became a catchphrase for businesses large and small alike. Everyone was talking about how to shift gears, stay relevant, and remain in business in general, which required most to evaluate and turn attention to a new way of operating. But the pandemic changed the world and as much as I hate catchphrases, today I’m here to talk about why pivoting is still important for small businesses…

They say when you find a good thing, not to mess with it. They also say consistency is key. And while I have agreed with both, and do, I also know that we are living in an interesting day when shifts are happening all around us and those shifts require attention and action.

First, a global virus closed down business as usual. Did you feel the squeeze of closing your doors, laying off workers, and not meeting with clients in person, but still needing to continue sales and connections? Getting creative and thinking outside of the box was a new requirement when business operation rules changed.

Then, owners and managers began feeling the stress of a new phenomenon. Workers who lost their jobs and relied on unemployment for months began reevaluating where they were spending their days, and who they spent their days with. As business doors began reopening around the country, the ‘great resignation’ became a very real hurdle needing to be overcome.

Today, we’re seeing more businesses activating their contacts, customers, and clients through email marketing, social media communication, online advertising, and other virtual communications. If you hadn’t already, have you turned to virtual marketing? If not, how have you survived the last two years and kept your doors open?

piv·ot | ˈpivət | (verb)
1. turn on or as if on a pivot;
2. (especially in a business context) completely change the way in which one does something

If anything is true, it’s that what was normal and expected in 2019 is no longer usual and cannot be relied on today. At the very least, being brave and turning attention to new methods and ways of generating income, growing your audience, and cultivating trust and brand loyalty is a solid baseline you can count on moving forward. In that way, no matter what the future brings you have a foundation that won’t be easily shaken.


  1. Lowell on April 15, 2022 at 8:26 am

    Jamie, you have a great way of saying this and the encouragement that it is. It may seem obvious, but it is something we all needed to do, and continue to watch for more opportunities!

    Thanks for your regular words!

    • Jamie Teasdale on April 15, 2022 at 1:32 pm

      Thank you so much! The opportunities are certainly out there. It’s the creativity and thinking outside the box that really is important. I’m so glad you are encouraged!

Jamie Teasdale

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