5 Keys to Actually Making a Difference with Your Customer Service

We’ve likely all experienced good customer service and bad customer service. Chances are, they both stick out in your head for different reasons. And while our individual experiences differ, the statistics don’t lie: According to Retently, 82% of consumers are likely to leave your brand because of the service they get, not your pricing or products. 

That means now, more than ever in the history of business, we are primed for an opportunity not only to provide outstanding customer service, regardless of our industry or craft, but genuinely impact a customer’s life through our brand, company, or organization. Which means we want to get it right the first time around. And more than that, we want to knock it out of the park. 

How are you caring for your customers?

Memorable customer service, and more importantly quality customer service, is, in its most basic form, an opportunity to serve people. This requires listening that goes beyond hearing, consistently going above and beyond, and ultimately delivering an experience that customers will not only remember, but appreciate. These are all a major point of focus in any successful business strategy. When done well, good customer service builds value, either in interactions with your brand, product, or some other aspect of your business. I think we can all agree that’s a worthy cause.  

The essentials

Good customer service can take many forms, but the essentials should always be covered. A few of the most important ones (and those that should always be non-negotiable customer service practices) are as follows:  

  1. Treat your customers like family. This is a foolproof approach to customer service and demands requiring the highest standards of yourself and your customer service model. Think of your customers in the same light as your loved ones: you would do anything to please them and make them happy. Delivering this standard consistently is key.  
  2. Think of a customer relationship in the long-term. A longer relationship = more business and greater impact. While you won’t have every customer for life, it’s important to treat each relationship as if you will have it forever. While similar to #1, this drives home the all-important tactic of providing quality service on a consistent basis. 
  3. Clear communication is key. Clear communication indicates brevity and thoroughness. Your customers will be most satisfied with succinct and consistent communication. Regardless of the specific message at hand, it is best to always keep things simple and leave nothing to doubt. Your customers will thank you. 
  4. Listen to customer feedback. Perhaps the most important of all is listening to and using customer feedback. This is your business’ lifeline. It can provide you with invaluable insight into your business’ strengths and weaknesses and how best to improve. Be a sounding board and take action quickly.  
  5. Say thank you. Everyone deserves to feel appreciated. Whether you are thanking a customer for their loyalty, making a large purchase, or simply being around and contributing in the way they do, it is worth going the extra mile to thank them. This scores you even deeper loyalty, especially when they have the option of choosing from hundreds of other brands. Remember, you want to stick out. 

How to take the right approach and why it matters

Everyone’s customer service repertoire can look slightly different. But there’s only one you. Take a moment to analyze your current customer service approach and figure out what you are doing well, need to change, or would like to implement for bigger success. Your motivation should always be the chance to serve people, and serve them well. After all, a staggering amount of people agree that it’s not about a product or its price, but the experience they have.

This article was written by our very own Megan Carter. Learn more about Megan here.

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