Holiday Spirit at the Office

How you can enjoy the holidays in the midst of your work life.

Holiday Spirit at Propel Businessworks

Holiday Spirit at Propel Businessworks

‘Tis the season! December is among us, peppermint lattes fill the air and the countdown begins to the closing of another year. How do you contain your excitement for winter and all that it has to offer? There are ways to bring some of that holiday spirit into the office, without going overboard. Those who claim indifference may soon be converted into holiday enthusiasts, all because of these few festive ideas:

Five Golden Rings: Creative Countdown

Although work can sometimes be grueling, especially wrapping up the end of a stressful year, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the countdown. One way to do that could be to do something fun in the office like a 25 day countdown – 25 tasks you delegate each day that need to be taken care of. These could be small things you’ve been avoiding, like reply to e-mails you haven’t wanted to face, or something big like finally mustering up the courage to call a difficult client and have a talk. With each day, having mixed and matched difficulties, you are not only being productive, but also incorporating a countdown to Christmas, hopefully looking forward to some relaxation, and overall satisfaction.

Four Calling Birds:  Décor Galore

Decorating your office space is an easy fix to get in the holiday spirit. One idea might be to get the office involved by adding something festive to the office décor each day and see who is the first to notice. Maybe have an office pool going of how much a big jar of candy canes weighs. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Remember to enjoy the pleasures of the holidays in your décor while still being tasteful. You want to remember you are decorating for work, not for home or for your Great Aunt Sally’s yearly Winter Wonderland.

Three French Hens: A Helping Hand

There is no better feeling around the holiday season than being able to give back to those less fortunate. It can be something as small as donating a toy to a child who will not receive gifts otherwise, or going to a local food shelter and volunteering time. There are plenty of ways you can contribute in order to bring the holiday spirit into another’s life. Search the Internet or local organizations to see how you can contribute. Tell others in your office and go together or make it an all-office charity event. No donation is ever too small and will always be appreciated.

Two Turtle Doves: Practice Professionalism

I’m sure everyone is in a rush to tie together loose ends, pack up 2013 and focus on the New Year ahead, but don’t throw manners to the wind. Regardless of your stress level, work load, or even if you’re already slowing things down, make sure that you remain professional. Whether it’s through your correspondence to your clients and customers, or how you compose yourself at your holiday work party, don’t let your holiday spirit get in the way of your professionalism. If you feel overwhelmed by the closing of the year, remember to take a breath, take one task at a time, and avoid characteristics of the Grinch!

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: Realistic Resolutions

Goals don’t always need to be set at the end of the month. Get a head start and make goals at the beginning of the month. If you plan ahead, you will reap the benefits at the end and be able to enjoy your holiday to its fullest potential. Make sure that you aren’t putting anything off for the last minute so that the transition into the New Year is a smooth as possible. It will be hard to get in the holiday spirit if you are making up for work you could have done earlier over your holiday break. So dive in headfirst with realistic resolutions to finish by the end of December. Get the work done now so that your New Year’s resolution won’t start with “I will not procrastinate.”

With these ideas in mind, we hope the holidays bring you cheer. If you have more ideas how to bring holiday spirit in the office, please share! Don’t forget to check weather reports before you go on the roads, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

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