Having High Standards in Business Starts with People


They say how you do one thing is how you do all things. In business, character stands out, whether good or bad, and you will end up being known for it.

Having high standards doesn't mean treating people poorly when they don't share your standards. In fact, exactly the opposite is true.

When dealing with people, high standards means being honest, loyal and trustworthy, and caring for them, always.

We can raise the bar, yes. But always with kindness, leading with gentleness in the process. Everything else - service, product development, communication - everything else, follows as a priority.

How Can We Serve Best?

Yes, people can be frustrating. We all have difficult sides to our personality and past fear or wounds that can cause bitterness or anger to rise up.

Have you ever been in a conversation when the other person snarks off a snide comment that feels like a dagger you don’t deserve whatsoever and which you know you shouldn’t be feeling the sting of?

In those moments, do you fire back, slinging your own arrow right back at them? Do you take it personally, internalize it, and begin to take offense? Or do you see the wounded person underneath, knowing they have been hurt, are in fear, or pain, or tortured?


When we stand back and see the person behind whatever mask they raise up because of their own hurts and past experiences, we can begin to take notice of the best way to care for them. It is then that we can also serve them well.

Make the Right Decision


Having high standards in relationships, business, and life means making the right decision, even when it doesn’t benefit you. It means honesty, patience, generosity, and kindness are your compass points.

Sometimes we say, “take the high road” when we’re really in self-defense mode. Other  times, we claim to be taken advantage of when we’re really casting blame on others. It doesn’t always mean we’re not taking responsibility, but there is always opportunity to look inward and reflect before responding, overreacting, or speaking negativity.

Start With YOU

Just like with self-care, having high standards with others means having high standards with yourself. Discipline, responsibility and determination aside, what does it take for you to get out of bed each morning to accomplish the work you are meant to do in the world?

It takes commitment to rising to the challenge of learning from what you did yesterday and pulling forward what you carry so that your light shines bright. And it also takes commitment to say 'no' when you need to, to stop and rest when you need to, and to live a balanced life.


Likewise, what you do when no one is watching or when you think no one knows what you're doing has a lasting, internal impact. Doing the right thing often takes more work than taking the easy road, but it also benefits you in ways you may never fully understand.

When we skimp and cheat, when we tell white lies or bend the truth, who knows? You do. Your mind and heart and soul knows when you are being honorable to others, and they will remind you when you're not. That's what we call having a conscience.

Even if no one applauds and gives you kudos for doing what's right, you will sleep sound at night knowing you've been diligent in the small (or large) things - and that is a great start to self-care!

Practice Excellence, in All Things

In business, high standards could look like delivering excellent service in everything you do. It can mean spelling people’s names correctly, having hard conversations, smiling at every person you see, being on time, and doing what you say you’ll do.

It can also mean going above and beyond to ensure a client or team member feels seen, heard, and valued.


When it all comes down to it, serving and caring for people is the highest calling we have. The question is, how can you raise the standard in your own life and business so that your calling improves not only your life, but others as well?

To raising your standards,

 - Jamie

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