How Do You Respect Time?

Why timeliness is important.

Image courtesy of Pixabay and nile

Image courtesy of Pixabay and nile

Time is so often viewed from a negative perspective: we talk about running out of time, not having enough time, dreading the passing of time, and wishing we didn’t have to wait for time to go by. But really, it’s time that helps keep us on track. Without the ticking of the clock, there would be little reason to be motivated. Respecting the time we have keeps us on track and gives our productivity momentum. Timeliness is both a practical issue and a perspective issue. There are practical ways we can be timely, but they all start with a perspective on why timeliness is important. Timeliness is about more than showing up to a meeting on time; it’s a lifestyle and mindset that breathes confidence and energy into our work.


Timeliness increases efficiency.

A large part of timeliness involves time management. When we hear the phrase “time management,” sometimes we think it’s some sort of magic that multiplies minutes and motivation. In reality, time management is the ability to know what task needs to be done at what time. Timeliness is defined as “seasonableness: being at the right time.” In other words, timeliness is recognizing what time or season we are in and correlating our actions according to that time. When we seize the opportune moment to accomplish tasks and do our work, we maximize our efficiency.

Timeliness helps us prioritize.

When we accurately recognize what time or season we are in, it’s easy to prioritize. Seeing a national trend in sales of a certain product in your industry gives you insight to shift more time and energy towards developing that product while the time is right. Realizing that morale among employees might be low tells you to focus on building up and investing in your time. Recognizing your personal life is out of balance tells you to put yourself and your family at the top of the priority list.

Timeliness gives perspective.

As we begin to recognize the time and maximize the opportunities, timeliness offers us the chance to see our business with a new perspective. When the right things are being done at the right time, there is a sense of clarity and freedom that comes: clarity to know what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to, and the freedom to make those decisions without hesitation.

Honing our timeliness skills will affect our business and life on both a large scale and a small scale. Practicing timely thinking helps with the little day-to-day tasks by showing us the big picture so we know what little tasks are necessary, and what tasks are futile busywork. A habit of timely thinking also builds into a lifestyle that empowers us to effortlessly navigate the bigger decisions and judgment calls of business with confidence.

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