Self-Starting Inspiration: January 2019 Social Round-Up

This is a round-up of all images and captions from PropelBizWorks’ Instagram in the month of January. This month’s theme was Self-Starting. In the following posts, you’ll find tips and inspiration for your own self-starting endeavors.

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1.1.19: I have some ‘stuff’ up my sleeve for you this year peeps!! We’re celebrating our 10th birthday and it’s allllll gonna be good!! Watch your inboxes for C😎😎L stuff coming your way in my email blasts! If you haven’t already, trust me – you’ll want to subscribe! You know where the link is… [see the full post here]

1.2.19: How do you self-start each morning? What does it take to get you going? [see the full post here]

1.7.19 Do you feel it’s easier for you to self-start on Mondays, or harder – and why? Encouraging you not to let society tell you how to approach your day or your week. Set your mind on gratitude for the opportunities you encounter and motivation will find you. [see the full post here]

1.8.19 Sometimes I wake up two hours before my alarm goes off because my mind knows there is too much to do. Other times, I have a hard time falling asleep because my mind is spinning trying to remember all of the to-dos I have on my list for tomorrow or next week. Anyone else feel like you’re wearing TOO many hats? [see the full post here]

1.10.19 Sometimes we have to self-start, and sometimes starting happens to us. Maybe you have a call or a meeting scheduled. It could be a doctor’s appointment or taking the dog outside, and other times it’s the smell of bacon and coffee that wafts to your nose. Whatever it is, be present with it. Life is too short to sleep your way through it. 😍☕️🥓🍳[see the full post here]

1.11.19 Positive habits can change our life. If you’re having trouble finding motivation or staying encouraged, a simple habit I can suggest is setting a daily alert on your calendar to sit for just 5 minutes and find something you’re grateful for. By creating a daily habit of gratitude you learn to find wins daily and your perspective about the work you do will improve – daily. [see the full post here]

1.13.19 When you start a business that you’re passionate about, it wakes you up and fuels action. Your passion creates ideas which ignites more passion. You can’t stop thinking about it because you want it so bad that you are generating your own motivation. That’s what entrepreneurship should be.👈🏼 If it isn’t that way for you, sign-up to get inspiration, encouragement, and resources in my monthly enewsletter…👩🏼‍💻…👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼[see the full post here]

1.14.19 👉🏼NEW BLOG NOW UP 👈🏼 A student in a class I spoke to last year asked me, “how do you force yourself to get up when you work for yourself and make your own schedule?” Self-starting is a vital skill for the solopreneur. When it proves difficult, how do you motivate yourself to get up, keep going, stay positive? My personal strategies are in today’s blog now up on the site [link in profile]! [see the full post here]

1.15.19 Good morning! Let’s get to know each other over a virtual cup of tea, shall we? I’m Jamie. An entrepreneur and self-proclaimed #bosslady who lost my job in 2009 when the company I was working for closed our location during the US recession.
10 years later, I couldn’t imagine if that turn of events had never happened. Sometimes, life throws curveballs you don’t understand until you look back and realize how grateful you are because of where it sent you and how far you’ve come.
Back then I was upset, and I felt betrayed, but I also knew it was time. I couldn’t work for anyone else as an employee again. So, I took the solopreneur leap. I jumped!
Today I’m in my lane, doing the strategy I love for people and businesses I care about.
What’s your story? What do you do? What do you love about it?? [see the full post here]

1.16.19 Fast, fun, and fulfilling, this month is exceeding my expectations. It’s also on an early-start trend. How about you? What’s got you motivated to finish the week strong? [see the full post here]

1.19.19 You get to choose how you spend today. Even as an entrepreneur who has trouble turning off the ideas and work, I have to remember that I’m not the energizer bunny who can go-go-go every day without pausing to recharge. So, I’m committing to set aside ‘typical’ weekends this year, where I’m not working on client projects, but twiddling around the house on personal projects, house-wifing, quality timing with F&F, studying and writing and resting.

Knowing that another Monday is coming, let me encourage you to determine to make this weekend count! Get out and adventure. Go marvel at something. Or take a day or two to reset. You’ll thank yourself (just like I will) on Monday when you’re ready to face the week ahead! [see the full post here]

1.21.19 Entrepreneurs must find good people who speak life into us, to encourage us, keep us grounded, and to hold up a mirror with love when we’re off track.

If something in life isn’t going the way you want, pause and reflect. Seek truth. It’s always better to take the steps to change your mindset and your attitude rather than stewing in the lies and negativity that are determined to bring you down.

That happened to me over the weekend and my heart is grateful for the truth seekers in my life who I trust implicitly, who I’ve invited to speak into my life because of their wisdom, who are observant, and who won’t let negativity rule over me. And yes, sometimes we may receive input better than others, but when our hearts are open to truth THAT is when we can make the decision to let our guard down, take ownership, recognize our mistakes, and walk in the opposite direction of them.

Find a truth seeker and hold onto their gift and friendship. When times get questionable, ask them to seek and speak truth over you! You might just need to be reminded who you really are! [see the full post here]

1.23.19 If you started a business because you love doing or making something, remember that joy and you’ll find your wings. Always look up. remember your why. Keep your perspective positive and stay determined. YOU have the power to make today great! [see the full post here]

1.24.19 Remembering that nothing that happened yesterday has permission to derail the purpose of the day I have ahead of me. Today is a new day. [see the full post here]

1.24.19 When entrepreneurial doubt creeps in, take the chance to pull forward what you’ve already learned and assess what you can use from this experience to move forward. Take one step, one rotation, go one more mile or just one more foot, but keep going! [see the full post here]

1.26.19 We know that every snowflake is different (isn’t that crazy to think about?) and if each application of that creation is so unique, why wouldn’t we expect for people to be?

Yes, it’s healthy to have goals and positive role models, but someone else’s journey won’t work the same way for you. Be authentic. Be you. People need the uniqueness you bring to the world! [see the full post here]

1.27.19 I believe every business owner is always learning (or they should be). If you’re finding it challenging to be a self-starter, don’t be hard on yourself for losing motivation for a moment. Look inward and find one reason to keep going. As my friend @vickinorris says, “start with what you know and what you know will grow.” [see the full post here]

1.29.19 Who are you feeding? Doubt, criticism, and comparing your journey to someone else’s will never put wind in your sails, so stop the negative thought patterns and self-talk. Don’t feed that beast because giving him just one taste will put him hot on your heals for more and he’s a tough one to shake. [see the full post here]

1.30.19 As entrepreneurs, there will be days when we have to be our own cheerleader. That means putting pep in our own step. (Yesterday, I did @cryopdx to liven up my afternoon and get some energy flowing!)
But just because you’re a solopreneur who has to wear all the hats in your business, even down to being your own cheerleader, I’m telling you to never give up! Your dreams are ALWAYS worth finding the courage to continue! 

1.31.19 Can’t believe we’re wrapping up January already. As we do, I’m reflecting on what we’ve covered about our first theme of the year so far…
So, what is self-starting again? It’s staying the course, getting out of bed, remembering your why, who you are, and what wins you’ve recently had – and then getting back at it. We started here because you’ll need these reminders to keep you going throughout 2019.
Cheers to your motivation peeps! Stay tuned tomorrow as I dive head first into another important and frequently talked about entrepreneurial topic which we’ll be discussing in February. [see the full post here]

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