Team-Building Inspiration: February 2019 Social Round-Up

This month, I tackled the all-important theme of Team Building! What makes a great leader? How is a solid team formed? What are my guiding principles when navigating these questions? I discuss all of this below.

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2.1.19 Propel would not be what it is without the team members I have and I am so grateful for all of the lessons I’ve learned, both positive and difficult, over the years. Through them I have learned how to identify character qualities and establish criteria for what I’m looking for in team member partnerships… [see full post here]

2.2.19 Just because one entrepreneur chooses or needs to work on weekends doesn’t mean everyone does. It’s my opinion that before expecting a professional to respond, jump, and work after 5pm on Friday it would serve you well to ask them what hours they keep for their business – and then respect that. Everyone deserves a day off now and then. [see the full post here]

2.4.19 Entrepreneurs must understand our services inside and out and be able to identify areas we don’t personally need to be managing so that we can begin delegating. As you dive into a new week, I’m encouraging you to review your to-do list and get out a highlighter. What tasks are staring at you that really do not HAVE to live on YOUR to-do list? Highlight them! Begin identifying items you could offload to a virtual assistant or another professional… [see the full post here]

2.5.19 Some people choose to work with everyone just to get one step closer to “the top” (wherever that means they end up). But personally, I know I’m not supposed to work with everyone because I understand that not everyone will value me, my service, or my skill the way I will honor them. Choose who you work with carefully. [see the full post here]

2.7.19 Good leaders aren’t afraid to be kind, communicate well, teach, correct, and guide with gentle strength. They encourage others while setting standards and positive expectations. They are supportive and seek to build up their team’s confidence while always appreciating the value each unique individual brings to their business. #tbt to 1981 [see the full post here]

2.8.19 Being a virtual business owner means my team is virtual, too. Yes, I’ve had employees, but I’m more suited to working with other passionate responsibilitarians who love their work. So, I have collected dynamo contractors all over the U.S. who do what they do best so I can do what I do best. As we finish another week, look back at your to-do list. What items got bumped so you could produce your best, billable work?
[see the full post here]

2.11.19 Good morning, Monday! Boy, do I have plans for you (like a new blog post that just went live)!! Grab a cup of coffee, click the link in our profile, and get your motivation off to a strong start! [see the full post here]

2.12.19 NEW BLOG UP This month is all about team building, and the topic is touching a nerve. Yes, not all business owners are leaders. Not everyone has to be. But those who want to grow will need to develop a team around them and they will end up leading their team in one way or another. [see the full post here]

2.12.19 It’s not always expected, but saying ‘Thank You’ and showing appreciation really does go a long way toward building a team who feels valued and seen. Make it a point to go out of your way to extend gratitude to someone who supports you and your business today. [see the full post here]

2.13.19 It’s interesting that months ago when planning Propel’s 2019 marketing efforts I settled on Team Building as my theme for the month of February. It’s a topic people really don’t like to think or talk about, but we are on this earth to connect and support people!

What’s interesting is how many opportunities I’ve seen and had to share, learn, guide, and grow in this area already this month – and it’s not even 1/2 over!

Let’s just say this… when the road ahead is foggy and you’re not sure what you should think, how to respond, or how to treat people – do yourself a solid and sit for a minute to think about it more. How you react will affect not just them, and you, but the clients, team, and others around. [see the full post here]

2.14.19 TEAM MEMBER OF THE YEAR goes to: My team started with him. This guy has towed the line, wiped up the tears, been my biggest cheerleader, laughed with me, strategized and asked questions that make me think, and has been there to encourage me to stop stressing, stop working, get some rest, and keep going. He IS the best team member I’ve had or will have. He’s my favorite. He’s my Valentine.
[see the full post here]

2.15.19 Imagine a fence around your business. It keeps people out and protects the people within. What guiding principles do you have in place that allow you to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to professionals who cross your path looking for work? [see the full post here]

2.18.19 Want to know the difference between an employee and a contractor? Here’s an easy breakdown: EMPLOYEES are reliant on you. They rely on you for tasks, training, workspace, equipment, paychecks, a to-do list, and overall management. You have more control over how they do the job and will train them on your processes and systems… [see the full post here]

2.20.19 You guys! This year has been nuts!! We are officially 7 weeks into the year and 2019 is showing real, true, tangible promise. The reality is I have a ‘please be patient’ email responder turned on right now because I’m burning the candle at both ends and still can’t catch-up since Propel is… [see the full post here]

2.21.19 Just like a good cup of tea takes time to steep, it’s important for us business owners to be patient with the process of finding the right team.
Take the time to understand the people you work with. Whether it’s a team member or a client, you decide what your priorities are in your relationships. [see the full post here]

2.22.19 Friday morning dueling laptops and coffee mugs with dad, posting up a blog and gathering, coordinating, prepping, and testing his next e-newsletter. I love my job (& my dad)! [see the full post here]

2.24.19 When Propel peeps come to town, we convene for face-time, giggles, thank you’s, delicious bites, and caffeinated sips!!!
?While only 3 of Propel’s 16 dedicated team members were able to converge in Portland’s Pearl District today for brunch, it was soooo good to have these ladies from Bend, Miami, and St. John’s join me for coffee, eggs, biscuits, and of course bubbles… and all in person, in one place!!
? I am so blessed to have the admins, VAs, content strategists, copywriters, social managers, web programers, graphic designers, and more who support me and Propel’s clients. They say it takes a village and it’s really true. [see the full post here]

2.25.19 People follow leaders who are beautiful, examples of truth, who communicate well and establish strong, trustworthy and honoring relationships. Be inspired to be a great team leader this week. [see the full post here]

2.28.19 Some days I wonder how I’m going to get it all done. And then I remember I have an incredible team behind me. Professionals who support me and hold the standard when it comes to business, their craft, communication, and life.
It’s comforting to realize 1, 2, 3, or more tasks on my list could surely be handled in part or in full by someone I work with. It’s freeing.
Yes, I had to learn how to delegate, train, trust.
And of course there have been frustrations and mistakes, but there are also soaring wins more times than not. [see the full post here]

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