Amy Pearson: Copywriter & Communication Strategist

Amy Pearson

People use words every single day, so claiming “specialist” is a hard sell for some. Amy’s degree in writing helps. But truthfully? She’ll admit that life has taught her far more than four years of classes ever did. Being a writer is really about being a translator, which takes a lot of listening, a lot of intuition, and a very strong desire to read the dictionary. 

As a mom to three teenagers, she finds that raising them takes the same skillset as it does to put pen to paper: lots of listening, a bit of perspective, and then a very clear call to action. She’s found that teens just respond a bit more loudly than the average page. 

A good writer takes the vast array of ideas floating around a company and strategizes what to include and what to leave out in the shaping of its story. This weaving of words helps establish a voice, and from there a brand — one that’s rich in values and texture and moves people to respond.