Candice Kelly: Graphic Designer


Candice Kelly is a graphic designer that has 9 years experience in her field. She attended Mt Hood Community Colleges’ Integrated Media Program and is currently the Marketing Committee Chair for the Division Midway Alliance, a non-profit organization that aims to improve community in East Multnomah County. Candice has had the opportunity to design for a local radio station, small businesses and other non-profits in the Portland Metro Area. When she isn’t designing she loves to spend time with her family, get lost in a good book, spend time outdoors and enjoys the search for the next best cup of coffee in Portland.

“Graphic design is vital in society. Your eye is drawn to objects because they are aesthetically pleasing. Being able to create a dynamic & eye catching piece of design for a company can help their customers understand what they do as a business and, hopefully, increase their exposure. I love helping others and if I can do it with my passion for design then that’s a win-win.”