Dmitriy Cherchenko: Website Programmer & WordPress Managed Hosting Specialist

Dmitriy team headshot

Dmitriy is the co-founder of Wider Webs, a website hosting and development company based out of Portland, Oregon. Dmitriy and his brother started the business based on a desire to serve people with dynamic website services while fully managing the underlying platform. A long-time student of programming languages, he has built an expertise many have come to trust.

Delighted to see his clients pleased with the work he does for them, Dmitriy has found satisfaction in solving difficult, abstract problems and is currently studying Computer Science formally at Portland State University. In his spare time, he is found reading or studying his craft.

“Web design, hosting, and programming are fascinating and challenging jobs which I enjoy immensely for the intellectual satisfaction they bring. I make it a point to challenge myself every day to grow professionally. I believe that your life, whoever you are, can be great and rewarding, but that’s not going to come on its own. You need to take ownership to bring about the kind of lifestyle you desire.”