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Jamie Teasdale: Lead Strategist, Founder & Owner


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon to entrepreneuring parents, Jamie’s professional experiences have instilled exceptional customer service and high standards into everything she does. A music and art enthusiast and animal lover, she has been a marketing junkie since before she can remember. In ’09 her passion for developing and energizing the visions of small business owners was ignited and she hasn’t looked back since. Read the whole story here.

When she’s not working with clients, her team, on strategies or projects, Jamie loves getting out of town with her husband and two dogs. And, it’s usually somewhere out of cell range.

“I am truly passionate about small businesses, marketing strategies, and Portland, so when the opportunity came to put them all together, it was a life leap I couldn’t pass up. There isn’t a day that I’m not grateful for the chances I have to build, inspire and support the people I work with.”

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