Below you’ll find all images and captions from PropelBizWorks’ Instagram in the month of April. This month’s theme is discovering your “why”.

Getting to the heart of our “why” can take work. However, it is one of the most important answers we can seek. I invite you to dig deeper with me and leave a comment below and check out my Instagram page in full by clicking this link:

4.1.2019 It’s April! Does anybody else feel like time is speeding up? As we dive into Q2 we’re focusing on remembering your ‘why’.
Everyone has a unique reason for doing the work they do. For me, it’s freedom from a cubicle and corporate policies. It’s having the choice to work with businesses I feel strongly about and who I want to support. And it’s the ability to bring all my talents and skills to fulfill my purpose in the world. [see full post here]

4.2.2019 One of my favorite ‘whys’ of being a business owner is that I really, very truly have the ability to work from anywhere.
Two years ago February I moved my office from downtown Portland to home and I’ve never looked back. While I never thought I’d want to work from home (too many distractions, ya know), it has radically changed everything. With no overhead and no longer having to pay Multnomah county with my first born child, I have the opportunity to work from coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and bars, co-working spaces, or even the park! [see full post here]

4.3.2019 ‘Why’ #412: Working with & serving AWESOME people running value-driven business on a mission to disrupt their industry, stand out above the crowd, impact lives and communities, and more. [see full post here]

4.4.2019 Working from anywhere also means one of my ‘whys’ can be visiting family when I need or want to.
My family has lived in Portland my whole life and about a year ago mom and dad moved to Central Oregon. A quick 3 hour drive gets me over the mountain and delivered to my parent’s driveway. Within minutes I can be posted up in front of the fire watching beautiful wildlife and drinking the best coffee in the world, all while serving clients from my laptop. [see full post here]

4.6.2019 Weekend ‘why’: awesome means you aren’t required to work on weekends. Like – ever!!! [see full post here]

4.7.2019 An Insta ad caught my attention this morning & after a quick search, buy, & download I had a new @audible book ready for my drive home.
In the second chapter I learned about the 7 Layered Why. This is where, after asking and hitting the seventh layer of ‘why?’ we hit the heart of our why. [see full post here]

4.8.2019 These two😍!! After leaving my parent’s home in Central Oregon yesterday I had a moment. Driving down to the main highway I wanted to turn around and hug them again.
Life isn’t always a cake walk. Sometimes we slip and other times we climb and all of that is learning. And while we’re learning, our parents often carry the worry, burden, and pride of the ups and downs. [see full post here]

4.9.2019 If your job or business is simply out of necessity, survival, or to bring in a paycheck, is that enough for you? Your ‘why’ could be to support family. It could be to go on vacations and see the world, or it could be that you went to school to do what you do and it’s all you know. [see full post here]

4.11.2019 My guy & I are diligent workers but we don’t believe the saying ‘I’ll sleep when I die’. We don’t have kids & we have much reason to look forward to our destination vacations. But it amazes me how often I am posed with the need to defend our choice to go, do, see, have fun, & rest. So, I just don’t defend it any more. That’s not on me. [see full post here]

4.12.2019 When you really, really, REALLY need sunday off, you work late Friday night, and plan to work part of Saturday to make that happen. For all the hope of a lazy, rainy, restful, & quality Sunday time with my man to come, 🥂 cheers! [see full post here]

4.15.2019 If your why is strong enough, no matter how much resistance, frustration, or conflict you feel – whether employed by a company or self-employed – your WHY will keep you on track and motivated to continue onward. [see full post here]

4.19.2019 Honestly? This week has been kicking my rear. No one ever said owning a business was easy. With big projects for awesome clients, long meetings, and stacks on the to do list I’ve been up every night into the early morning hours. And running on fumes is NOT one of my ‘whys’. [see full post here]

4.22.2019 I encourage you to keep your ‘why’ in front of you, or at least easily accessible at all times, because your true why will keep your heart grateful and your motivation pure. It will bring resilience and determination when you need it most. [see full post here]

4.23.2019 Still at it. Raise your hand if one of your ‘whys’ is being able to self-care during work hours and work later than you would from a 5pm quit-time cubicle! 🙋🏼‍♀️[see full post here]

4.24.2019 Hand written thank you’s are going out once again to new connections, possible clients, businesses I’ve enjoyed chatting with, and people who have helped me grow. The job isn’t always easy and it’s not supposed to be. [see full post here]

4.25.2019 Now, it’s your turn to take stock and answer the question…What is your why? Why do you work where you work? Why do you work with the people you work with? Why do you choose to keep doing what you are doing? [see full post here]

4.29.2019 We’re so close we can taste it! So. Close.
Sunday ‘why’ comin’ atcha like a short weekend would. All kinda of motivated. 😉[see full post here]

4.30.2019 Hello last day of April! Tomorrow we start a new month. Can you believe it? April was all about remembering your ‘why’ and boy did we cover the gambit!

If you aren’t on my e-newsletter subscription list then I’m sorry to say you missed the ‘why’ guide that hit inboxes this morning. [see full post here]

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