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No matter what you call it, communication can be tricky for the best of us, and online business communication can be even trickier. Whether via blogging, email, social media, advertising, campaigns and collateral pieces, or your website, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, like:

Who are you talking to?
Who will see the conversation?
Who’s your target?
What is your goal?
What’s the best way to communicate with your clients?
What platforms are your customers on?
How often and what should you post?
How do you come up with content to market?

The good news is we’re here to help you answer those questions.

One of Propel’s focuses is to provide online communications plans that hand you a strategic content marketing outline for your company’s online presence.

From blogging or e-news communication, to social media or all three combined, we provide you with a roadmap to make your online business communications a success.

We have these content marketing (communication) plans available:

Blog Plan (12-month)

E-News Plan (12-month)

Social Media Activation Plan

3-in-One Communication Plan

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