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No matter what you call it, communication can be tricky for the best of us, and online business communication can be even trickier. Whether via blogging, email, social media, advertising, campaigns and collateral pieces, or your website, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, like:

  • Who are you talking to?

  • Who will see the conversation?

  • Who's your target?

  • What is your goal?

  • What's the best way to communicate with your clients?

  • What platforms are your customers on?

  • How often and what should you post?

  • How do you come up with content to market?

The good news? We're here to help you answer those questions!

One of Propel's focuses is to provide online communications plans that hand you a strategic content marketing outline for your company's online presence. From blogging or e-news communication, to social media or all three combined, we provide you with a roadmap to make your online business communications a success.

Here are the content marketing (communication) plans offer:

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Blog Plan

Blogging is an important piece of your online presence, but many business owners find themselves at a loss of what to write about and how to stay on track. That’s where our business blog plans come in, including publish dates, topics, titles, and notes that will help you or your team effectively and consistently publish great content on your website’s blog.

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ENews Plan

Email communications are an easy way to keep your customers, clients, and prospects up-to-date on what’s new in your business, but they are also a great way of increasing sales and staying top-of-mind. Facilitating these communications effectively means utilizing your brand identity consistently and with targeted frequency.

Propel helps you develop a strategy to capture the attention of your audience and be the first they consider when your product or service is needed. Our e-news plans include best days, times, frequencies, specific subscriber list(s) needs, subject lines and content strategy.

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Social Media Plan

Our business Social Media plans include in-depth research, plan development, and marketing strategy including a plan review session.

  • Propel will facilitate company, market and competitive research for your business
  • Propel will then compile a social media schedule, networking and communications strategy report in conjunction with research and recommendations
  • A review session* (up to 1-hour) will provide a careful review of research results and your activation plan. *May be facilitated one-on-one, by phone or by Zoom. 
This invaluable tool gives you everything you need to have a successful business social media presence, making it easy for you to strategically engage with your audience!
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3-In-One Plan

Communications go beyond email and phone interactions. Staying top-of-mind with your clients and prospects is an important step to growing your business. Propel’s 12-month Communications Plan provides you with the strategic roadmap you need to make your business thrive, year after year!

Whether you or your team facilitates the plan, or you need help from us, you will be equipped with all the details required for effective communication. We use all the elements in our Blog Plan, E-Newsletter Plan, and Social Media Activation Plan and combines them into a dynamic promotional roadmap for your business communication. Based on our extensive market research, this comprehensive plan is specifically tailored to your industry, market and business needs.

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