Chugging Along to the Finish Line

Chugging Along to Finish Strong

It’s been “one of THOSE” steady pace weeks where I find myself just chugging along to the finish line. We’re wrapping up projects and beginning to tie up loose ends with excitement around every turn!

I took the scenic routes with pauses and naps, still covered LOTS of ground, finished some amazing projects, spoke my truth in love, and keep my head screwed on straight through it all! I’m also VERY pregnant and overly ready to meet our little girl.

There was forward movement and productivity, but what’s even better is the hope and excitement for what’s coming in the weeks ahead! Maternity leave is about 2 weeks away so be sure to stay tuned for a sneak peak when the time is right.

And if you didn’t read my letter in my latest enews last week, here’s that important note as well:

Hi there friends,

May is HERE and the countdown has begun…

If you didn’t catch the March enewsletter, be sure to read my exciting intro message with a VERY special announcement I never thought I’d make.

2022 has met Propel with some awesome projects, fun clients, and new experiences. What has been the most incredible difference this year compared to the last 12 years is the anticipation of a summer no one expected.

Today, as I write this, we are counting down the days before our miracle arrives and my very own maternity leave (June 1st – Sept 30th) begins.

The Propel team is equipped, my assistant Sarah is at the helm of my inbox, processes and systems are in motion, and our little world eagerly awaits the little girl entering our lives.

We are all READY!


Enewsletters: The next time you hear from me will likely be mid-summer and she will have made her entrance. When the time is right and routines are a little easier to navigate, I’ll send a special blast to your inbox and introduce you to our Adelyn. Keep your eyes peeled for that fun email!

Propel Social Blog: In the meantime, I have pre-written encouragements and inspirations, tips and insights for you which, instead of weekly, will go out every other week during my leave. Each short “social” blog, which small businesses tell me they love, is scheduled to continue publishing like clockwork! So, be sure to subscribe to Propel Social to get one quick note in your inbox every other Friday! 

Pro Tip: if you get two social blogs in a row (back-to-back Fridays), you will want to open the email because it’s likely a fun and adorable baby update. 😉🤱 #yourewelcome

On a not-so-side note: Honestly, I’ve been surprised at the questions many have asked about whether I’m closing Propel and focusing solely on being a mom. While my priority will be motherhood and my little girl, Propel is what fulfills my strategic brain and my creativity. Yes, I’m firmly planted in the fact that I am made to be a mama, but I have also been made to support small businesses and their owners with strategies, project management, creativity, and more. So, don’t worry. My plan really is to stick around for a long while. 👍🏼

Wishing you an exciting summer! …and don’t worry! Newsletters will be back before you know it! Until then, watch the blog and subscribe to get those every other week while I’m out.

Thanks for following my entreprenuerial (& soon to be mompreneur) journey,

(Business Advocate, Bosslady, CEO, & Mama)

Jamie Teasdale

Jamie Teasdale founded Propel Businessworks, a small business development company, in 2009. Since then, she has been lending insight and creativity to businesses all over the U.S., giving them the tools they need to plan, promote, and prosper.

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