Rocking the Baby… Carrier

Rocking the Baby Carrier 1

Our first few weeks back in the office have been pretty great as we dust off the inbox, get caught up with clients and team members, re-organize our work life, and tackle the ever-evolving schedule. And this is how we do it…

I’ve been so grateful for everyone who is not only excited to meet our little girl, but also for their patience, flexibility, and understanding when she joins our calls – and often times joins the conversation, too!

Just after one zoom call this last week I took this video. My heart melts daily with all the coo’s, ahh’s, babbling, sunny smiles, and now the darling squeals. But when she sleeps on me? I’m a puddle. Just mop me up.

And if any of you want to come hold her for an hour or two so this mama can actually get some dedicated work hours in, I’ll send you my address. 😁😁😁 (p.s. She calms to sweet songs ALMOST every time.)

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  1. Jen Vickerman on October 24, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    And now I am a puddle after watching that video! So very, very precious.

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