It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day 2023

Take Your Dog To Work Day 3

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day 2023 and I’m honoring my 13 year old trusty sidekick Halo who has been part of Propel from the beginning! Work may look a little different these days, but he’s still the best little buddy a girl could ask for.

This little guy is a dachshund mini-poodle and weighing in at a whopping eight pound soaking wet there is really no excuse for taking him almost anywhere we go. That’s why he’s often been seen riding shotgun or backseat (depending on his mood and the accommodations) in my chariot (which is now an altogether new mom-ride entirely).

We’ve adventured far and wide covering serious ground through all three states of the West Coast and even over to Idaho.

But no matter where he is, I know his heart is 200% tied to wherever I am because that little pup chose me and from day one, it was over. While all the others bumbled about playing and exploring, he sat still, calmly and intently looking up from that crate of puppies directly into my soul and stole my heart. End of story.

Over the years he’s spent days with me in our downtown offices and mama’s mobile offices around the area, but he’s always had a permanent perch in my home office.

And when I was pregnant, my handsome little boy was oh, so attentive, snuggling and making sure I knew he was there for it all. Working from home has been different this year and he was unsure when the little human arrived just how long she was staying for, but he’s finally settling in to big brother-hood.

As the years go by I see a wiser and sweeter, even more gentle soul (if that’s possible) emerging. He no longer destroys his squeaky toys but instead nudges them softly until they speak to him and then loves on them endlessly.

I’m not sure what I did to deserve him, but I’m so very glad he entered our family in 2009.

Today isn’t anything special, really. Every day is take your dog to work day when you work from home with a sweet fella like Halo. But today I’m so very grateful he chose me to be his sidekick. 🐾 ❤️

Jamie Teasdale

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