Rain, the holidays, and Friday traffic are already making things nasty out there today. Plus, a whole new skill is being learned in our household as the Teasdale’s are sleep training as a family! Luckily there are two days just ahead reserved for home, family, and downtime, but right now all I can say is TGIF!

Portland is known for its traffic and the rain we consume annually. Combine the two and commutes can be gross. Add to that being in the throws of the holidays with the city bustling and more people out on the roads and in parking lots and we’re facing the time of year when breathing and joy are required to be drawn upon constantly.

This week has been full of friends, festivities, and family, but as we wind down the week I’m so glad today is Friday.

We also decided teaching our little girl the valuable skill of falling asleep without help and putting herself back to sleep must happen as soon as possible. We are 10 days in and really it’s been going swimmingly, except a couple bumps. But our sweet daughter is a champ and is already sleeping 9.5-11 hours through the night. As a side perk, this means we are getting better sleep as well, but it’s taken dedication and determination to stick to the plan and stay the course and we are tired!

All that considered, our “TGIF” is legit this week. I’m sure yours is too, so try to be patient and get home safe, wherever you are!

Jamie Teasdale

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