Qualifying Appointments

priority appointments

Securing business appointments that matter, and how to say “no” to the ones that don’t As a business owner or sales director, you likely have a very full plate. Your day is spent managing client needs, solving problems, giving direction to employees, and all the other general tasks of doing business. But on top of…

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Look Back To Move Forward by Jennifer Powers

At the end of every year, most of us busy biz owners begin to look at what we hope to accomplish in the New Year. We set goals and budgets, make plans and promises to do better or more business than we did the year before. We thrive on searching for the areas that need…

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Branding By Design by Haley Lewis

Many small business owners I meet with say they are ready to create their brand. But in most cases they already have a brand– they just don’t know it. And tragically (for their business and bottom line) their incidental brand is probably not the image they want to project to customers. Branding or rebranding is…

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