For the Love of a Parent

These two😍!! Each time I leave my parent’s home in Central Oregon I have a moment. Driving down to the main highway I want to turn around and hug them again. Every. Time. Because as I’ve gotten older (and wiser) I realize I am who I am because of them and life is too short…

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Listening Differently

Listening to our body and giving it what it needs is so important. I have always been a morning person enjoying coffee and breakfast and bird chirps while the sun rises. Then 2020 hit and I had to start listening differently. Now it’s become easier to hear and I’ve created habits that are personally better…

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Taking 2022 By The Horns

Out of the woodwork and just like clockwork, all of Propel’s “quiet holiday” clients have re-emerged this week ready to take 2022 by the horns. Everyone seems to be motivated to hit the ground running, which makes me wonder what the year will bring… As I’ve been catching-up with each of client and team member…

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Keep Your Fork!

None of us ever know what lies ahead for us, our loved ones, our business, work, communities, or the world, that’s true. But one thing we can trust is there is more to life, more of life, more laughter, lessons, love, and challenges. There is more today and in the future. So, when the current…

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Merry Christmas!

To you and yours, I and the entire Propel team wish you a very merry Christmas! If holidays are difficult for you, know that you are loved. Our people are all about people, which makes you a priority. May this season bring you joy like you’ve seldom or never known, and may the warmth of…

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‘Tis the Season of Cozy

Maybe for you it is playing games with family, curling up with an oversized sweater and a good book, or sipping a hot beverage after a day on the slopes with friends. No matter what your idea of winter comfort includes, make sure your season of cozy is living up to your own hype. For…

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I salute you, Entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs!! You deserve more credit than you receive – guaranteed. You work all day, many nights, when you’re sick, and even when you want to play. When the world is off vacationing you’re still thinking, scheming, planning, building. I salute you! You deserve a break, some self-care, time to recharge and reset. Over the years…

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The Propel branding process was one of the most fun I’ve had creating something. When the word and name propel came to the surface and passed all the tests I didn’t know how many people would call me The Propeller for years to come… After a decade, in 2019, I finally went for it and…

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Support Local this Small Business Saturday (& all season!)

Support Local This Small Business Saturday | Propel Businessworks

If you haven’t noticed, there are pipeline delays this year. Major retailers are feeling the squeeze as shelves are less than fully stocked due to detained shipments and shortages in production. That’s why this year is the perfect year to seek out community businesses and artisans who aren’t relying on containers to arrive from overseas.…

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November 19th: Women Entrepreneurship Day

Happy Womens Entrepreneur Day

November 19th is the official day we celebrate females in the workforce and raise a toast to women entrepreneurs all over the world. Today I want to salute my fellow women in business, too. Happy Women Entrepreneurship Day! Spearheaded by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization in 2013 and geared toward raising awareness and support for…

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