Time to Set Up Shop

office space

The signs telling you it’s time to move your business out of the garage and rent an office space for your business location Most great things start small and rise to greatness from humble beginnings. Many businesses follow that pattern: from the start-up phase in a make-do kitchen office, businesses grow and eventually reach the…

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Take Note! part 2


Process documentation tips for every business owner In part 1, we talked about the desirable ways process documentation can affect your business. Now in part 2, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty details of how to actually get this done. We all know how busy you are and that you really didn’t need one more…

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Take Note! part 1

Why process documentation is important for your business if you want to grow Process documentation might sound like the least exciting task ever. And it might be – except for preparing taxes and balancing the checkbook. But we’d like to help you see that process documentation might be one of the most vital strategies you…

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Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy Part 1: Facebook

Facebook is everywhere. Some people practically live on the social networking site. At the end of 2012 the California company said it had more than a billion active users. It’s hard to ignore anything being used by that many people! A business that does not have a Facebook page could be hurting itself. Business owners…

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What Do Most Businesses Learn in 4 Years? by Jamie Teasdale

propel office

The lessons our first 4 years in business taught us After being in business for almost four years, one thing I can say with assurance is: we’re not in Kansas anymore! Owning a business is much different than I thought it would be, both in good ways and challenging ways. There have been difficulties, triumphs,…

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Mapping Your Business Model

business model

5 keys to creating a dynamic and successful business model Building a business requires a unique mix of being a Master Strategist and a Creative Genius. Most of us probably find ourselves identifying more strongly with one or the other instead of both: we’re either really good at creating outlines and seeing the big picture,…

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Worth Your While: Factoring Your Marketing ROI


Tips for determining marketing ROI Any time you make a significant investment, you want to make sure that investment is worth your while. Measuring results is the best way to reinforce the value of a thing and prove its validity. Sometimes, though, it isn’t so easy to track and determine success or failure. Marketing is…

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Who Is Your Team?

Your team

Tips for building a team that will achieve long-term business growth. Overall health can be traced back to the health of individual organisms that make up the whole. It’s true for our bodies, and it’s true for our businesses. And since growth doesn’t happen without health, business growth depends on the individual health of the…

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Envisioning and Budgeting For Growth


How to plan a strategic business marketing budget. As a business owner, you know the importance of growth to your business. And if you’ve ever created a plan to achieve it, you know the critical role marketing plays in triggering your growth. But just how does marketing fit in with your overall business plan? And,…

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Business Resources

We are excited to announce our NEW Business Resource Guides! First is our Social Media Resource Guide. This guide is a collection of tips, facts, guidelines, and information about how to use 7 of the main social media platforms for business. We’ve also included general social media tips, as well as ideas for non-profits to…

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