3 Reasons to Consider A Co-Working Space Outside Your Home

NedSpace1There are many reasons to consider an office outside the home.

Concentrating on work might be easier if you’re not at home seeing laundry or yard work or (you fill in the blank). It might help you to keep some separation and balance between your work life and home life.

A nice office space gives you a professional place to meet with clients or investors. It creates an impression of your business – that it is stable and prospering.

But, the best reason to consider an office outside the home might be good for you and your business I’m talking about is collaboration.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely thing. Many people don’t understand the power of your vision, the drive to succeed, the dedication you have to have, or the things you have to sacrifice. It’s not your typical 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job or even like being on salary at a full-time job. To succeed, you give it your all.

But, other entrepreneurs can understand…they are doing the same thing. You’re struggling through some of the same challenges. You can help each other grow by inspiring each other to keep going on the tough days, if nothing else.

If you consider a collaborative office environment, it can open up opportunities to:

  • Barter for services

    You need someone else’s services and they need yours. Bartering gets your name out there while keeping you from having to spend the cash that can be so hard to come by when you’re just getting your business off the ground

  • Share resources

    You and your business neighbors in the co-working office space have each come to your business with experiences and contacts that could benefit someone else. Maybe, you know someone that can help with bookkeeping or payroll and your neighbor knows someone who does graphic design and websites.

  • Share leads

    We all attend all kinds of meetings and meet all kinds of people. Each person we meet might not be our perfect customer, but if we can make connections for others, they’ll do the same for us

Statistics tell us that eighty-five percent of startups fail, but those that collaborate and benefit from the synergy of working together see eighty-five percent success.

This is why we invested in starting NedSpace Gresham; to assist people as they start their dreams. Our goal is to INSPIRE you to believe you can do what brings you joy. We want to COLLABORATE with you to bring your idea to market. We want to help you find the best way to INNOVATE to bring make your dream to reality because when you do then you GROW, we GROW, East County GROW, and all boats rise when the tide comes in. “What is your dream and how can we help?

We currently have a summer special with the following discounts on pricing:

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NedSpace2If you have a dream to start up a new business and are looking for a great location with low cost, great energy, and collaboration with other entrepreneurs, visit http://nedspacegresham.com or email Sarah for a tour. 



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  1. Damian Wolf on September 2, 2014 at 2:09 am

    I love this article. Sometimes is really hard to work from home (especially if you have a large family, small kids,…) and simply all this crowd at home is distracting you from work (my case). That’s why I prefer not to work at home if possible. And, there are lot of other advantages written in the article above.

    • Bren Schader on September 3, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      Thank you for your input Damian! Glad you benefited from reading one of our articles!