6 Reasons Social Media Customer Care is for You

A lot goes through a customer’s mind before they make a purchasing decision, and a big part of this decision lies in the customer care that they receive from a company. In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to be providing the best customer care possible, and one of the best ways in which this can be achieved is through making use of social media.

Here are 6 reasons social media customer care is for you…

The information at website builder.org.uk states that 90% social media users have used social media to communicate with a brand. Therefore, it is vital that you start making use of this platform, and don’t waste the many opportunities that it provides. If that alone is not enough to convince you to get started then take a look at the 6 reasons your brand needs customer care.

Bigger Spending-

Customers that have had their search queries answered through any form of social media are much more likely to spend more money with the company than they would have previously done. People love using social media, with many using it on a daily basis for some reason or another, therefore this is often where they go for support. A company that gives their clients the support that they need will start to trust your brand, and this, in turn, will start to lead to sales. When they need to buy a product or service, then your brand is likely to be the first that comes to mind.

Go Where Your Customers Are-

Millions and millions of people are using social media every day, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat. We live in a time where people can’t go for a few hours without checking their account. If the customers are already there, then it makes sense for companies to make use of these platform in any way that they can, including for customer care. This is especially true if your brand’s target market is the younger generation, as it is these that are using social media most often. If you are promoting your brand on social media, which most companies now are, then it is likely that your customers are already there, engaging and looking at your brand. Therefore, if your customers are looking for help, then you are already there to give that helping hand.

It’s cheap-

The stats at Website Builder show that it costs just $1 to solve a customer issue on social media. For years, customer service has been dealt with at call centers, and many companies still use this method, it works out as a lot more of an expensive option when compared with using social media. Using social media can increase the efficiency of a company dramatically, and when fully trained in the art of providing support via these platforms, it is likely that one person can handle many queries at once. If you want to start saving a little money, then social media is the way forward.

It’s Easy-

Everyone loves having a simple life, and social media customer service can provide just that. Using social media means that you can answer a company query promptly with just a few clicks. You can point them towards a helpful video, link them to a page in a website and hold a very human conversation. A quick and efficient response is usually all a customer needs in order to turn their problem into a purchase, and they may even tell others about the excellent customer service that they received.


Currently social media is the fastest form of customer care out there. Customers no longer want to sit around waiting for a reply to an email or sit through hours of hold music. People expect an almost instant response when it comes to social media, and it is very possible to give this to them. Customers are able to write a quick comment, tweet or message to your brand in a matter of seconds, and a member of your company will be there waiting to provide the answer to their problems. Providing an answer instantly shows that as a company, you care about your customers, and this is already half the battle.

Sharing Opportunities-

Social media is exactly that, it is a very social community. People are constantly talking to each other about a huge range of topics through comments, likes, and shares. By using social media, you are providing a platform for people to talk about your company and spread the word about the brand to an almost unlimited audience. If you provide a customer with excellent customer service, then there is a high chance that the customer will share your response to others in their social circles. You will instantly have people knowing about your business without having to spend a penny.

See the full infographic on this awesome topic at: https://websitebuilder.org.uk/blog/rise-social-media-customer-care/  

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