Platform Checklist: A Business Owner’s Guide to WordPress

21728_10151325367115488_80543937_nYou have a business to run! So, how is running a WordPress powered website going to make you more effective? How can it build trust and empower people to actively engage with you and your service/product/platform?

Here’s why WordPress is a favorite platform for business websites:

1) WordPress Websites Make Clear Communication Simple

One of the reasons people love WordPress – business owners new and alike, is how simple it is to edit and manage content. You login to your dashboard, navigate to the page you want to work on, click the edit link and you’re in. The page and post editor gives you all you need to focus on the content pertaining only to that page.

Business Website Tip: Ensure each page has ONE specific audience. Within a split second the person landing on your home page or any other page will decide if they’ve arrived at the right spot. With WordPress publishing you’re not limited to the number of pages BUT you will do yourself a favor when you narrow the focus of each page to a single audience.

There are two types of audiences your site can serve: those who already know and trust you enough to take advantage of your offer; and those who are considering or looking for the service you provide. By taking time to focus the content of each page for one or the other audience, you get the next benefit every business owner wants.

2) Businesses Using WordPress Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates

The whole reason for a website is to empower action. Finely tuned content allows you to create and measure a clear call to action. You can even setup A/B testing on your website to see which content has greater resulting action.

Business Website Tip: Make the most important call to action on each page OBVIOUS. Any primary page without a clear call to action returns is like a vehicle without an engine. You can push it into the flow of traffic, but ultimately it’s not going carry you anywhere. What action is a person supposed to take on this specific page? Is it to share your post on social media? Login? Register? Click a link for the next item in the sequence? Pick up the phone and give you a call? Choose the one action that’s most important on that page and make it loud and clear. If other calls to action are muting this most important one – consider removing them, using a no-sidebar template for that page or something along these lines!

Once you have a clear call to action – you’re ready for the next exiting part of your business website.

3) Your Website “Broadcasts” New Content

Wouldn’t it be nice if search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing all knew that you have new or updated content on your site?

Once again, WordPress makes a business owners life that much better. Because WordPress is constantly improving, you’ll find that a smart approach to search engine inclusion and social network sharing is now at your fingertips.

To get you started, here are four individual settings to turn on the benefits of “broadcasting” your content to social, search and blog networks:

a) Search Engine Visibility – Uncheck the “Block Search Engines” to ensure your site gets included in search results
b) Search Engine Sitemap – notifies search engines when you add new or update existing content on your website. (Settings found in your dashboard when you use the recommended WordPress SEO extension)
c) Social Network Optimize Content – (Settings also part of the WordPress SEO tool) Optimizes how your content is presented when people link on FB, Google+ Twitter, Pinterest and more
d) WordPress Update Services – notifies blog and content networks every time you add or update posts on your site. Options found in your dashboard, Settings >> Writing

Business Website Tip: Wouldn’t it be cool if your website automated some of the site promotion for you? Oh wait – once you’ve taken the four steps above – your website does!

4) WordPress Websites Attract New Leads

One primary reason people choose the WordPress publishing platform for business websites over others is this area. Getting results in search engines is of high value and WordPress websites present content using a structure that search engines can quickly categorize, index and present for the individual using search. Do you want more people to find your content? Here’s an essential tip similar to the one-audience-per-page tip:

Business Website Tip:

Give each primary page on your site ONE single keyword/keyphrase focus. The WordPress SEO by Yoast takes some of the guesswork out of the process. Start typing a phrase related to your page content and suggestions start showing up. The ideal will be a phrase people actually use in search. Make sure to use that phrase in the title, description and at natural places in your page content.

If you or one of your business partners wants to get more SEO results don’t miss the Definitive WordPress SEO Guide by Yoast.

Wrap up:

If you’ve read this far I can assume you’re aiming to get more and better things done online with your own WordPress business website. Which of the areas above is your site already performing well for you? Which areas do you plan to take grater advantage of today?

Living and working in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Tim Griffin is an above-and-beyond kind of guy who is always looking for ways to improve, build on and discover new ways of getting things done. Since 2006, his company Mission: Communicate has been empowering people by helping them implement the tools and resources available to make their website a success. Find out more at

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