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Our email accounts are flooded with a variety of different emails everyday. From family and friends, to businesses, to spam… email is a part of our everyday communication. However, emails can easily be ignored if they do not provide unique or relative information to the reader. So the question is, how can different industries use e-newsletters to cater to the needs of their customers without being ignored or reported as spam? Each industry can use e-newsletters differently to reach their customers by changing the content per industry.


An e-newsletter distributed to customers interested in fashion needs to provide the latest and greatest in fashion, tips on how to achieve certain looks, highlights of certain designers, or places to obtain the newest styles. By providing readers with links to stores that they can get these styles, readers look forward to a one-stop email that gives them the most recent information of the fashion industry.


E-newsletters for restaurants allow them to show off their newest or favorite dishes. Restaurants can use the e-newsletter to provide readers with special events such as brunch or happy hour, release dates of new or seasonal dishes, or with special recipes straight from the kitchen.

Entertainment Venues:

Venues such as performing arts centers, local venues such as the House of Blues, or convention centers can send out e-newsletters to let locals know about upcoming events. By providing local customers with information regarding their events, venues can catch the interest of customers and get them to come to the events. Everyone likes to break away from the stress of work and everyday life. Entertainment venues can capitalize on this!


Hotels experience fluctuations in room prices throughout the year and by sending out e-newsletters that provide customers with upcoming deals, the hotel may gain more customers and fill their hotel. The hotel can update customers on changes or upgrades made to the hotel.

Personal Maintenance:

Hair salons, nail salons, beauty stores, etc., can all use e-newsletters to inform readers of current trends as well as deals. The trends within our society are constantly changing and by providing readers with the most up-to-date information, readers will most likely continue to utilize the e-newsletter and regularly schedule appointments.


Educational facilities could benefit from e-newsletters by supplying alumni and current students with the most recent news relative to the school and surrounding area. Special events, reunions, updates on specific people, or changes to the school can keep your alumni involved with the school and increase the number of visitors to school related events.

Real Estate:

The home industry is constantly changing whether it’s new listings, new sales, or upcoming listings. Realtors can use an e-newsletter to make clients and potential clients aware of changes in the market or upcoming open houses. This can lead to more foot traffic in open houses and, hopefully, more sales!


Charities and non-profits are constantly doing various fundraisers to raise money for their specific causes. By distributing an e-newsletter with upcoming events, they have the potential to gain participation and, therefore, help their causes.


Traveling can be a big headache to find the best deal. However, airlines can use e-newsletters to promote their most recently updated flight schedules, provide flight-tracking information, and provide their customers with the most current prices. Airlines can promote their business by providing readers with customer’s experiences with the airline.


The health industry is constantly finding new viruses, cures, supplements, warnings, or diet regimes and customers are curious. E-newsletters can provide readers with information and evidence regarding the health industry and places to find the needed regimes.

Although these are only 10 industries that should be using e-newsletters, other industries can find effective ways to use e-newsletters to reach their desired audience. Think about your industry and if there are ways your company could use an e-newsletter to prosper!


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