What is Content Marketing? Jamie Takes A Guest Seat on SteamFeed Radio

Content marketing isn’t just a buzzword.

Brooke Ballard of B2 Media and Gettysburg Gerry shared their mic with Jamie Teasdale who was invited to be a guest on SteamFeed Radio to discuss Content Marketing.  – Enjoy!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

What is content marketing? Why is content marketing becoming more important?

Brooke: Content marketing has been around forever, even before television. Newspaper ads were used to sell products and they used content marketing to pique interest and guide the buying experience.

Gerry: People are so connected to technology these days. That is the reality and that is where people are absorbing and digesting content.

Jamie: The process for digesting content will ever evolve.

Gerry: The vehicle for delivering content has changed.

Brooke: We will always look for content to consume. That’s how we learn, grow, buy houses, put things together, research, etc.

Jamie: In growing with and understanding technology there will always be a learning curve. Small businesses don’t understand what content marketing is. Explaining that search engines want to send their searchers to places that are trustworthy, so you give search engines and your audience content that is relevant, accurate and timely.

Brooke: Clients will say, “I have a website. Why isn’t my content working?” And I’ll ask how long they’ve had the content on their current site? 18 years? Content needs to be new, fresh and consistently presented. You really can’t have a successful social media campaign without good content, so it all starts with content.

Gerry: You can pinpoint data through analytics now, which changes the game. Now you have an ability to gain an advantage. Small businesses who understand the power of content can stay ahead of the curve.

Brooke: Snackable bites derived from their current e-books or white papers are good, but you have to attract new leads.

Jamie: Staying top of mind is extremely important. Provide consistent content and be known as a leader in your industry. #leadbycontent

Gerry: The buzzword for me is “funnel”. Once you throw something out there, you have to do something with it. Move them through the funnel. SEO work is the stuff that happens behind the scenes, like an iceberg you only see from the top, or like the duck paddling feverishly below the water. Small businesses give us freedoms once we earn their trust.

Brooke: With smaller clients and businesses, you can test and maneuver easier and quicker. It becomes more fun. Whereas the corporate clients require feedback from big departments like legal, accounting, HR, etc. and they’re all their own silos. The great thing about the smaller business clients, is they let us go off leash with our marketing ideas and tactics. It’s like street learning.

Jamie: The term “Off-Leash”™ (a term coined by Gerry Michaels) is perfect when discussing what we do (or what we want to be) for small business marketing. There is a reason I started my own business and that’s generally because I don’t necessarily want to be a part of a corporate giant employment situation again. I love the testing of ideas and analyzing results to get to a fine plan of what works. But the “what works” part changes. So you have to keep testing ideas. It’s an awesome process.

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