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Creating an interesting e-newsletter with appealing content and design can do wonders for your business. E-newsletters are great tools for keeping customers aware of your business and services, along with what’s new at your company. Traditionally, they are used as bulletins, intermittently issued, to update customers or potential customers about new articles, changes, or developments within your company. E-newsletters are meant to be brief and, as a consequence, need to be eye-catching right away!

Using images and eye-catching graphics within e-newsletters has the potential to increase your readers Click Through Rate or CTR.  The CTR is the percentage of readers that click on the article and read it. A higher CTR means that you did something right! People were interested in the topic or graphics attached to your e-newsletter and chose to read it.

An e-newsletter full of text can be boring to look at. Using relative, high quality graphics and images helps draw attention and communicate the message you want to send to your readers. Images should evoke ideas and reflect your company’s point of view. Remember that e-newsletter should draw attention and be brief, calling the eye to an interesting article spotlight and linking back to the full article on your site.

If you are featuring a new blog on social media marketing, be sure to imbed the same image you used for that blog within the article along with the link. This connects your communications across multiple marketing channels. When choosing images for your e-newsletters, remember the following:

High Quality

Good e-newsletter design requires a good foundation along with decoration. A good e-newsletter starts with a good design template. After you choose the right e-newsletter template for your company, you need to build upon the design with quality images. Choose high quality and high-resolution pictures for your e-newsletters.


Pictures can say a thousand words; just make sure they are the right ones. Don’t just add images or pictures to jazz up an e-newsletter. Make sure they support your story. Keep e-newsletter pictures or images relevant to the topics at hand and your company. This will detour confusion on your readers’ part while reinforcing your brand image and promoting your company’s current topics of discussion.


Remember to always strive for authenticity. Just as your content should be your own, so should your pictures. Or at least you should have a valid right to use them! Authentic design and content will positively reflect on your company while supporting your brand image.

When it comes to finding pictures, you can always take your own! Another option is to use high quality photos from stock photo sites, Flickr or Google search. WARNING: Copyright infringement is never a fun thing to deal with, make sure that you never use an image that you don’t have the right to use! Here are a few image sources we love:

It’s never too late to revitalize your e-newsletter efforts. Take time to look through the photo sites we recommend and incorporate great graphics in your next e-newsletter!


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  1. Ralph Quito on September 14, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    Jamie thank you for sharing! What a lovely article! I love how you put together these information on “Grabbing the Interest of Your E-Newsletter Readers Using Catchy Graphics”. Easy to read, very relatable and great tips! Can’t wait to read more!

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