Back In the Swing of Things

back in the swing of thingsLabor Day has come and gone, school is back in session, and suddenly summer is over. We’re looking at the last few months of 2012, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and end this year on a high note. Remember your 2012 business plan? Does it seem a little far-fetched to try and accomplish everything you had wanted to? Here are some strategies from Propel to make the most of the rest of 2012:

    • Prioritize. Lists can be helpful when determining priorities. You can start with a master list of all the things you’d like to accomplish between now and the end of the year. From there, divide your goals into three lists: urgent, important, and low priority. Helpful questions to ask at this stage are: What tasks and goals are most in line with your overall business objectives? What most reflect your core values and direction? Sort tasks accordingly. Finally, from your “urgent” list, determine the top three things that must get done and spend focused time and effort on those.


    • Organize. Take a deep breath. Several, if needed. It’s time to reassess and reevaluate. Our workspace contributes greatly to either promote or hinder our productivity. Does yours need some sprucing up? Many professional organizers suggest emptying a room and starting from scratch when reorganizing. As you begin putting things away, look at each item objectively to determine where it should go, including whether it should go back at all.


  • Delegate. Sometimes it’s necessary to call in the cavalry. Identify areas you might need help in. Are you struggling to create a strategy for your goals? A business coach can help you clearly identify what your priorities should be. Having a hard time getting a handle on organizing your office space? Hiring a pro to come in and help with even just one area (your filing system, for example) could make a huge difference.

Having a clear roadmap of where you’re headed helps you get there faster and with fewer delays. With your 2012 destination pinpointed and your progress charted, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish!

Want help identifying your goals and creating a plan to accomplish them? Propel Businessworks can help you strategize your business growth and spur you on to succeed. Find out more about what we do or contact us for more detail.

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