The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color Propel Businessworks

Could you imagine living in a world of black and white or shades of gray? How boring, right? We have color all around us and many times we don’t even know how different colors affect our mind or emotions, but they do! If you’ve ever heard of or dealt with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), you…

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Fed Up With Uncertainty

That’s it. I’ve had enough. Enough of the stress and overwhelm and self-preservation. Enough of the self-soothing, over sleeping, mental fortitude requirements, and the unknown. It started March 2020 and it hasn’t stopped. The roller coaster of information, truth and science, and a society riddled in unrest and fear has kept me in a state…

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“Help Wanted” – How to Find & Keep Employees

So many businesses I know are struggling to find workers right now. In the last 18 months we have fought together to survive a virus and the government has extended unemployment to the point that many are still not looking for work. That’s why it’s been so difficult to find and keep employees. Today, Friday,…

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Do Gratitude: Thank you goes a long ways!

Clients, team members, partners, friends, and family – no matter what relationships you hold or how you interact with others, a sincere thank you always goes a long ways! This week I’m talking about gratitude, including a personal story, and a few ways you can apply yourself toward this goal. This week I’ve received thank…

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Some Lessons Are Learned Multiple Times

Some Lessons Learned Multiple Times

I’ve learned a lot during my time in business – but I am always seeking to understand what I should learning in the current season. And for those who pay attention, we may avoid being taught the same lesson twice, but some lessons are inevitably learned multiple times. For example – I hired 3 employees…

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Project Manager Meets Strategist

Project manager meets strategist. Jamie Teasdale Propel Businessworks

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you get to roll over instead of out of bed each morning. It takes grit and passion and responsibility. As a creative who is also organized, I get to do what I love and embrace who I am every. single. day. It’s what fuels me. It’s that happy middle where…

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What are you reading?

Admittedly, I’ve always been interested in a good business or growth book. Having been born into a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve watched the struggles, the sacrifices, and the small and major wins. So you can imagine that the way entrepreneurs run, manage, and sustain their businesses (and fuel their own personal lives) has fascinated me…

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All in A Day’s Work

All in A Day's Work

I was sharing with a small businesses owner earlier this week that one of the best things about this job I’ve created for myself is having a fun, exciting, & unpredictable set of tasks each day. I don’t always know at the start of the week what all will get done in each day’s work,…

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Everyone Wants To Belong

Everyone wants to belong

Every human possesses an internal desire to be known. When you walk into your local coffee shop only to hear the barista call your name and welcome you, how do you feel? When they remember your drink and ask if you’re having “the regular”, how do you feel? You feel like they know you –…

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Do you know your strengths?

Do you know your strengths?

‘They say’ when you pair an emotion with a moment in time it forges a memory. It must be true though because I vividly remember the day I took the Clifton’s Strengths Finder 2.0 test sitting on the floor in our living room, laptop on my ottoman. I spent the 40-ish minutes answering each question…

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