What Is A Communication Plan?

So you’ve heard that blogging is a great idea and your website will love you for it. You know that e-newsletters could be a good opportunity to stay in front of your clients and referral partners, but you are afraid of being a nuisance or just ‘another email’ in an inbox. You’ve even been told that ‘all businesses’ should be on social media but what is a communication plan?

Depending on your industry and your approach, this may or may not be true. So how do you find out what is best for your business and then plan your communications accordingly?

First, let’s talk about content marketing. Content marketing is defined as: any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers1.

Content marketing is then directly related to how and what a business communicates. It can include copy on a website, white papers, e-newsletters, blogging, videos, e-books, infographics, social media posting and more. And just like any other marketing approach, it should be carefully considered, researched and planned out.

Our content marketing driven communication plans focus on blogging, e-newsletters and social media. Each plan is unique to the business we prepare it for and identifies who and what your business brand voice is, as well as how, when and where it should be having these conversations.

If you start by understanding your goals, then narrow down your target, and proceed to research your market and industry extensively – a map will begin to emerge from the results: a Communication Plan.

About Jamie Teasdale

Jamie Teasdale founded Propel Businessworks, a small business development company, in 2009. Since then, she has been lending insight and creativity to businesses all over the U.S., giving them the tools they need to plan, promote, and prosper.