Image courtesy of Pixabay and Hebi65

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Hebi65

Emails, alerts, and notifications can easily be ignored or overseen. We all have spam blockers through our email accounts that filter our emails on a regular basis. But, as businesses, we use e-newsletters and we want that information to be seen by our consumers. So, how can you improve your e-newsletter click through rate and avoid falling into the “spam” category?

1) Read more teasers:

Give your readers just enough content and add the “Read more” or “Find out more” teaser at the end to make them want to read on. Your subject line should catch their attention and be creative which leads us to….

2) Creative and attention drawing wording

Nothing is worse than getting an email that makes you hear the Charlie Brown teacher in your head. “Wah wah wah” or “Blah blah blah.” You want your readers to continue reading so be creative! Draw them in with creative wording that catches their attention and stands out from all of their other emails. Don’t give away the entire subject of your email or e-newsletter in the subject line. For example, “This is what I am talking about” doesn’t work. Neither does “Insert Subject Here.” Be clever!

3) Mobile friendly formatting

Consumers are using their cell phones or tablets to obtain information more and more. As we all know and have experienced, formatting for a cell phone versus formatting for a computer is VERY different. When sending out your e-newsletter, you need to make sure that it is mobile friendly! If a consumer receives your e-newsletter and it is not formatted to their mobile device, they may not read on.

4) Be relevant and unique

Alright, there may be something worse than receiving an e-newsletter or email that makes you hear that “Wah wah wah” voice in your head. Receiving something from a company that is completely irrelevant to their business would be worse! If you are a marketing company, don’t send out an e-newsletter about accounting. Seems simple, but it happens all too often. Your content should be relevant to you and your consumers. Ask yourself if what you are sending out makes sense to your company! On top of being relevant, be unique. People can go to the internet and find information on nearly every topic possible. Be as unique as possible and include some personality.

5) Manage your sending list

 When’s the last time you went through your sending list? This may be a reason you aren’t seeing success in your click through rate. Make sure email addresses are still valid and that your list includes all those who WANT to receive your e-newsletter.

Bonus: Strategically place your call to action

It needs to stand out! It needs to catch the attention of your readers. It cannot be at the very beginning of your e-newsletter. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer… Where in the e-newsletter would the call to action make you take action?


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