Entrepreneurial Goals: Are Your Goals Limiting You?

As a small business owner, you innately possess an advantage: your entrepreneurial spirit. This driving force is at the heart of your business, pushing you harder and asking you to dream bigger. The entrepreneurial spirit is not something you can teach; it’s simply something you possess. This powerful drive takes an idea and makes it a reality. It is the energy that translates your passion into a tangible business and generates great success.

Any small business begins with a central business plan with strategic tasks in place to achieve goals. These goals may be short-term or long-term ; tangible or intangible. As an entrepreneur, it is natural to aim as high as you can and expect the best results. The question is: Can you do better? Can you aim higher? Are your goals really big enough?

Maybe they are! Or maybe you have never reevaluated your goals in the right way. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself about your current goals:

1. Are you playing it safe?

It can be easy to set up goals that are within your comfort zone. Perhaps they were even outlandish at the beginning, but overtime they become too “safe”. If you wanted to meet certain sales goals and you have achieved them, why not set up new ones that push your sales team in a new direction? If your team won the regional championship this year, why not focus on the national next? Take off the safety goggles and try pushing your goals even farther!

 2. Do your goals push you enough?

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Kinseykick

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Kinseykick

Quick success can make even the most motivated complacent. Maybe you set out to grow your business and exceeded the goal astronomically. In this case, clearly your goals could use some adjustment. Make sure you ask yourself whether your goals are pushing you enough. Why aim for the Moon when Mars is obtainable? As entrepreneurs remember that there is always room for improvement, even if at first it seems impossible! Keep pushing your goals to the outer limits; who knows, you could be the next Steve Jobs.

3.  Is there room for expansion? 

Expanding your business is no easy feat. It takes a lot of capital investment and time. However if your goals have been met, why not add a new one to the mix? Expanding an existing goal or business can give you that extra edge. Don’t be afraid to expand your goals beyond your original concept! Expanding your goals could give you the right edge to push your business into greater successes!

4. Can you dream bigger?

Image courtesy of Pixabay and niekverlaan

Image courtesy of Pixabay and niekverlaan

We bet you can. Dreaming big is what started your small business in the first place. It took your light bulb moment and pushed it into reality.The only way to see if you can go bigger is to try it. Take a risk, push yourself and see what your dreams can manifest into. Connecting your big dreams with tangible goals could be just the recipe for ultimate success for your business!


It’s never to late to reevaluate and take your goals to the next level! We hope that these questions help your business thrive and your entrepreneurial spirit alive! Let us know what new goals you set for your business and whether we can help you succeeded. Remember, keep dreaming as big as you can!


About Jamie Teasdale

Jamie Teasdale founded Propel Businessworks, a small business development company, in 2009. Since then, she has been lending insight and creativity to businesses all over the U.S., giving them the tools they need to plan, promote, and prosper.