Taking a New Approach in a Repairing Economy


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We’ve been hearing the same story for years now. The economy has been tearing apart homes, claiming jobs, reducing our income, our livelihoods and our dignity. But the bubble was bound to burst, so just as the rise and fall of every cycle, here we are in the valley.

But the upswing is beginning to show itself…

So, whether you were laid off, down-sized, cut-back or whether you’ve been forced to execute these tough decisions, we are right there with ya! The economy took our jobs, forced us into survival mode and made us reconsider our lifestyle, even our worth. But, there is a silver lining to be found.

If you have recently down-sized your business operations, we know you have experienced the partial loss of your dream. But we also know that you are still dreaming and are still in desperate need of assistance. So we are here to offer these five suggestions:

1.Don’t panic. Life before this mess was probably lived at a premium, so we’d like to suggest that the reduction in costs, income and service is probably for the best. There is opportunity to re-evaluate business and money, and the chance to regain a sense of true leadership… true ownership, if you will.

2.Take a second look. There is nothing so precious to business progress as a new set of fresh eyes. Cutting back costs can be a real treat when you experience that bliss from the advice of an efficiency expert. Systems and processes become routine, which is often seen as a good thing. But when systems lack current strategy upgrades, or they haven’t been scrutinized in some time, maybe it’s time for a new approach…

3.Streamline the process. Now is the time to evaluate the processes you are using and have become accustomed to. It’s time to make them a fluid motion of the hand that facilitates the business. Get used to the fact that there is always a better, more efficient way of performing work. Continue to pursue that way of thinking and you’ll be amazed at the money you save and the work you reduce.

4.Build a new approach. Employees who are kept on, and even new employees that are hired on want to see vision. Vision for not only their positions, but for the company they are representing. Give them a new motto. Build a new sense of worth. Make the job something they cannot separate from themselves. After-all, they were hired because they excel in a certain area. They are good at a particular job and they find fulfillment in it. Give them a reason to come back each day, and each day – they will.

5.Pursue a fresh dream. When you are succeeding in all of the previous areas, your new dream is just a product of your vision. But ultimately the dream is something everyone on your team can embrace. Keep the momentum going and you won’t be the only one dedicated to your business. You will have a whole fan base that wants to see your vision expand.

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