Always Remember Your Why, Entrepreneur!

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When work, life, communicating, or just getting out of bed gets hard, always remember your why, entrepreneur!

It was mid-March of 2009 when the economy had already started collapsing that the company I was working for called all employees from across the globe into a mandatory, all-employee meeting. When the meeting was over, ladies were crying in the bathrooms, everyone was talking and hugging each other, and we were all wondering what was next.

With the information that my job would be gone as of the end of March, I stopped to assess my own intentions and desires. Unlike any other job in my past, I had ZERO ambition or desire to resurrect, update, and develop my resume. I also had no interest in interviewing with another corporation or manager looking to fill a job title or position.

On April first of 2009, I woke up with fresh wind. My job was gone. Just like that, up in smoke. But I was free. As I wondered what was next, I knew anything was possible.

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As you know by now, my experience with family entrepreneurship gave me insight to and drew me toward small business ownership. I had a heart and vision for entrepreneurs and after running my own massage therapy practice out of my home in Citrus Heights, California years prior, I always knew I would be an entrepreneur again someday.

After taking myself away to the coast for a weekend to brainstorm and weigh the pros and cons of my options, I returned knowing one thing. I wanted to do something big, something great, something with meaning and purpose. I wanted to be my own boss and serve people I was excited about. Ultimately, even though I knew it wouldn't be easy, I wanted to do my own thing.

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Everyone has a unique reason for doing the work they do, but in this article my intention is to dive into the heart of what you do and why you do it.

For me, every job experience I had before starting Propel seemed mismatched. I followed one journey to another and another and tried pairing the company’s values or the role to an interest I had. I enjoyed each job in its own way and I learned valuable lessons about life and roles and ultimately about myself while also building skill.

Looking back I have come to realize that every job I thought was mismatched actually built a different ability within me which I brought forward into Propel. Propel is the culmination of everything that God put in me and my experiences.

Personally, owning a business and being my own boss translates to freedom from a cubicle and corporate policies. It means having the choice to work with businesses I feel strongly about and who I want to support. It also provides the ability to bring all my talents and skills together to fulfill my purpose in the world. While it takes sacrifice, guts and a lot of trust, and certainly has been difficult at times, these are my whys!

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Now, it’s your turn to take stock and answer the question...

What is your why?

Why do you work where you work?
Why do you work with the people you work with?
Why do you choose to keep doing what you are doing?

It's time to remember your why!

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The job isn’t always easy and it’s not supposed to be. We never grow without challenge, but the passion often appears in the risks we take and stretching we do.

If your job or business is simply out of necessity, survival, or to bring in a paycheck, is that enough for you? Your 'why' could be to support family. It could be to go on vacations and see the world, or it could be that you went to school to do what you do and it’s all you know.

That said, if you don’t enjoy what you do, maybe it’s time for a change. Only you will know if that's true. Only you can check-in with your gut and feel the confirmation of being where you are supposed to be, or knowing you're made for more.

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If your why is strong enough though, no matter how much resistance, frustration, or conflict you feel – whether being employed by a company or self-employed – your WHY will keep you motivated to continue onward.

I encourage you to keep your ‘why’ in front of you, or at least easily accessible at all times, because your true why will keep your heart grateful and your motivation pure. It will bring resilience and determination when you need it most.

Cheering you on to accomplish all you are meant to be and do in this world,


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